Welcome to our online community called Build Back Jamaica. We are excited to have you here as an observer or participants in the movement to make our country great. We have the most beautiful people, culture, food and everything in between so watching such untapped potential slumber is not good enough. Crime, poor healthcare, unemployment and corruption are the main topics people complaint about, and rightfully so.

Now that we see the issues, let’s do what we can to bring about the positive changes we wish to see in Jamaica.


  • Transform Jamaica into a 1st world country with the help of the Jamaican People, AI and other technology.
  • Create content that encourages a growth mindset.
  • Drive interest in S.T.E.M careers.
  • Support community projects to reduce crime.
  • Be a cheerleader for farming.

“What can I do as a single person?”

Words that will never again have a place in my thoughts, as a single pebble can start a rockslide. Our online community was created to remind Jamaicans that all it takes is a renewed mindset, a plan, unwavering belief in self and the discipline to accomplish your goals.

We can do this Jamaica!

Technology has the power to level the playing field and create the first Trillionaire, so why can’t it be a 14 year old girl from a small community in St. Mary?

With AI, all you need is the knowledge, tools and drive to create your own opportunities.

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Can you imagine NOT being Jamaican?
To Much importing. We must focus on feeding ourselves
The Diaspora has the knowledge & resources Jamaica needs. We can do it from near or far, but let’s do all we can Build Back Jamaica land we love.
AI will create many opportunities so let’s become early adopters.